Project Arrhythmia is a rhythmic adventure in which all things beautiful are deadly. Avoid the musically timed pulse of blocks and bars, and in the process you might just find out what this mysterious "Project Arrhythmia" is.


  • Up to 8 player local co-op
  • 20+ game levels featuring music from Chipzel, Meganeko, Creo and Miyolophone
  • Lengthy story with multiple endings and lovable characters
  • Extremely powerful level editor that lets you bring anything to life
  • Full Steam Workshop integration for easy level sharing


Project Arrhythmia came to be after I found myself frustrated with the lack of any "true" audio bound games. I have always been interested in games like soundodger+, 140 and OSU! where music is a core part of the gameplay however I've also always found the gameplay didn't react to the music as tightly as I wanted it to. So I set out to make a game where every sound from a chiptune beep to a guitar riff could be perfectly represented within the game.





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